Goričane operates in compliance with the environmental permit under the IED Directive and the applicable environmental legislation. Concern for the health of the environment is one of the company’s fundamental criteria in its strategic and day-to-day business decisions.

We pursue sustainable paper production objectives

Environmental protection is the right, duty and responsibility of all employees and plays a vital part in corporate management.

Environmentally friendly production is achieved through a joint and coordinated effort of the management and the employees. Goričane regularly monitors and assesses the environmental aspects of its operations and plans and introduces new, more environmentally friendly technologies and products.

The company’s activities are carried out in compliance with environmental regulations, using safe and environmentally friendly raw materials, and with a constant effort to reduce the consumption of natural resources and energy.

Environmental Policy (pdf, 100 KB) EUTR Declaration 2024 (pdf, 90 KB) Information about REACH V2 2024 (pdf, 122 KB)
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Use of natural resources

Goričane measures the rationality of the use of natural resources with an index of material losses during the production process. It also monitors water and energy consumption. The material losses are calculated at the wastewater treatment plant and are derived from the amount of sludge after dewatering. The energy efficiency of the production process is demonstrated by the company’s low specific consumption of electricity and heat compared to BAT standards.


Goričane monitors three types of emissions from the production process: air, water and noise.

Emissions to air are generated by steam and by the drying and cutting of paper. Monitoring of emissions to air is required by the environmental permit and is conducted by an external authorised body. Boilers are monitored every three years and dust collectors every five years.

Process wastewater is treated at a mechanochemical treatment plant before being discharged. The plant is monitored annually. A biological treatment plant is also operating on a trial basis.

In accordance with the environmental permit, noise level monitoring is carried out every three years by an external accredited institution.

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The company has a well-established waste sorting system. Small containers for each type of waste are placed at several locations and emptied daily by employees into larger waste sorting containers, which are marked with the required waste-specific symbols. Packaging waste is disposed of by an external contractor.

Management of hazardous substances

In the field of hazardous substances, Goričane ensures that the level of risk remains low through regular maintenance of storage tanks and pumping stations. The company has a hazardous substances management plan in place, which defines all the necessary measures to ensure all processes are in compliance with the legislation. Employees are regularly trained in the handling of hazardous substances and in dealing with accidental spills.

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Environmental Report, Goričane, tovarna papirja Medvode, d.d. for year 2023

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Jerneja Pečnik, Environmental protection agent