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Goričane is an established European manufacturer specializing in small-scale production of lightweight woodfree papers.

Goričane operates in the highly specialised segment of small-scale woodfree lightweight papers. A high level of service, flexibility to customer needs and efficient organisation of operations enable the company’s continuous growth.

The quality of its paper enables the company to export its products to over 40 countries worldwide, mainly in the EU, Turkey and the Balkans. In recent years, the company has also expanded its sales to more distant countries and regions, such as Russia, Sri Lanka, South America, Israel, South Africa, Algeria and countries in the Middle East.

Papirnica Goričane

Goričane’s vision is to further strengthen its position as one of the most reputable manufacturers specializing in small-scale production of lightweight woodfree papers in Europe.

Goričane pursues its vision by continuously improving its operational efficiency, enhancing its ability to produce speciality papers, and focusing on customer satisfaction and market responsiveness.

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Standards and certificates

Goričane produces high quality papers for the most demanding customers. The consistent quality of its products and services contributes to the high added value of projects carried out on SORA papers.

The company holds the following certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, FSC®, PEFC and ISEGA. It also holds the AEO status.

Standards and certificates

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Corporate headquarters

Ladja 10, 1215 Medvode, Slovenia

T +386 1 58 23 400


Registration number 5042291
Tax ID number SI48619922
IBAN SI56 0700 0000 1129 364, GB d.d., Kranj
SI56 0400 1004 8888 959, NOVA KBM d.d.
SI56 0292 3001 7654 625, NLB d.d.